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(( Closures )) Adjustable Bracelet

The bracelet that you are doing this with must have two braided tassels, one at each end. (It works with loops, but is much more difficult)

Step 1: Overlap both tassels (so that the bracelet looks like a circle)

Step 2: Ensure that the knots you tie in "Step 3" are not too tight as it will be difficult to adjust, or too loose as the tassels may slip through the attachment, rendering the adjustment useless.

Step 3: Take an extra strand (looks best when extra strand is same color as the background) and tie 5-8 knots of chinese staircase around BOTH of the tassels. Now do 5-8 more, but tie them ONTOP of the previous row of chinese staircase, so this means you are double layering it (for strength.)

Square knots/granny knots/half knots also work for this. I am terrible at tying square knots, so this works best for me, and is very fast. I made 29 of my bracelets adjustable in one morning using this technique.

Good luck!


The original author of this tutorial is kallum but it was also edited by Sareana and Kestrel.

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