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(( Bracelets )) Braided Bracelet - 2 colors

to make this type of bracelets we don't need any knots, only strings.
!thnx to www.naramkypratelstvi.cz!
with 3 strings in color A and 1 in color B

step 1-color A1,A2,B3,A4
step 2-string A1 goes on A2, under B3 and on A4
step 3-string A4 goes on B3 and under A2
step 4-string A2 goes under B3 nad on A1(A1was on the right, strings always move) string A1 goes on B3 and under A4
we must do again and again step 4, but we can't think about names and numbers of stings =)


The original author of this tutorial is Aldona but it was also edited by Jeckle, k_marie, Alicat and kleinevos.

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