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(( Projects )) HAIR WRAPS!

Step 1: Pick 4 different colors doubled. Do NOT cut them in the middle, otherwise step 3 will not work. (Try not to use any more than four otherwise the wrap gets too thick.)
Step 2: Select a small amount of hair: braid the hair all the way to the bottom. (This makes it a little easier on the beginners, and the hair won't be gross after you take it out.)
Step 3: Make an overhand knot near the middle of the four different colors.

Step 4: Place hair in center of the overhand knot approx. a half inch from the scalp. To secure, do another overhand knot on the opposite side.
Part 1:

Part 2 (the second knot):

Step 5: In order to wrap you MUST use two strands at a time. Take your first two strands and begin to wrap.
Part 1:
Cont. Step 5: In order to keep the wrap tight, a tip: Do four wraps around, then push all the strands upward towards the scalp.

TO SWITCH COLORS: make one bk with both strands. (If you're doing this as a lefty, it will most likely be a fk.)


STRIPES: You can create many different designs. If you want stripes, pick two different colors to wrap.

*The stripes may be difficult to see! I do apologize for that!*
THATCHED: Before you start your solid color, pull two different colored strands out, and DO NOT wrap them inside your next solid. Make your solid color a tad longer than the others. After your bk to end the solid color, wrap the two left over colors around crossing as you go, make sure whatever color is on the bottom stays on the bottom.


Video by Skull
If you want extra tips or pictures on this, just PM kukana1494!(:
you can also go to the "hippie/wrap bracelet" tutorial. Hair wraps are basically the same thing.


The original author of this tutorial is kukana1494 but it was also edited by Skull and k_marie.

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