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  • 7/7/10


Hey my name is Michaela and I'm from the great USA. I love making f bracelets a lot, i have been doing it for about 3 yrs.

I'm a tomboy and im not afraid of much.

I'm a very Hyper energetic person, im most hyper and energetic in winter, cuz im not playing soccer in the winter.

I have A LOT of friends, I LOVE music, I LOVE band to <3

I am now in offially training in Horse Jumping!!!! My horses name is Cenalla.

I play the Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone, I'm the only girl that plays Tenor sax at my school!! It's just me and 2 other boys. :)

I have been playing saxophone for a little over 1 year.

I Hang out with boys more than i do girls.

I fit in better with the boys better cuz of my personality. . . . :)

I also Love to draw and im very good at it im told.

I draw Graffiti. But not in the illegal way, i draw it with sidewalk chalk and on paper!! :)

I skateboard. . . If you have a problem with me being a girl that skateboards then were not going to get along very goood. . . .

I'm In Kickboxing (: SO dont Fight Me(: haha

you must be bored so ya!
Call me! txt me!!!
ILY!!! <3

I <3 ?? Right now noone, They all used me but 1. . . ANd the 1 tht didnt use me wants to date other girls to see if he truly loves me or if its nothing. . . Y does he need other girls to know if he loves me or not. . . . WTF MAN!!!