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  • 4/30/13


Hi there!

My name is Sarah, I'm 31 (in 2014) and french. Sorry for my bad english...

My family and friends call me Zaz but this name was already taken. I like ladybugs and in japanese in sounds nice like "Tento Chu". That's the reason of my pseudo.

What can I say about me... I love hanging around on my computer, listening to music all day long (Hard Rock, Metal, OST, Rock or metal ballads, sometimes a little bit of funk!! lol), watching movies, TV series, I play sometimes the guitar and the keyboard but I'm so bad at it!! And of course, knotting!!

While I was hanging around on Google, like a year ago, to find some original patterns to make friendship bracelets, I found this awesome website full of wonderful stuffs! I'm a fan ever since even if I'm a ghost and don't leave often comments.

Enjoy knotting everyone and keep up the good knot!

Feel free to add me on Facebook!

I also have a FB page with all of my crafts reunited!