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  • 11/28/12


Hi! My name is Brenda and I'm 16 years old. I'm Dutch so my English won't be perfect all the time :P
My name 'xSpianne' is a combination of the name of my 2 horses, Spirit and Rianne. Next to horseriding I like reading, having fun with friends and of course knotting. I started knotting around November 2012 and now I sometimes sell some bracelets (: I mostly do smaller normal bracelets (up to about 20 strings, but I'm working my way up) and sometimes I do a small alpha pattern.

I really like doing bracelet swaps! Just PM me if you'd like to do a personal swap.

People I swapped bracelets with:
-Prncsssarahj327 (Unfinished Bracelet Swap Spring 2013)