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  • 5/3/10


Hi I'm 50 yrs old and am mother of four grown children and two grandchild also one on the way soon . I was born partial deaf . Love to do sign language and talk to hearing people . I like making friendship bracelet also have done macram? knottings other crafts . I love to crochet , making leather crafts, dream catcher , some jewerly , and want to learn knitting again. I am trying other new crafts that I have not done like Quilting for example . I also love to ride harley davidson , been riding Harley on and off for over 20 yrs . So when I am not too busy I do my crafts whenever I can . And I also fix my house too from time to time ,so I will try to post pictures when I can . I'm more likly to be busy with crafts in winter time which is most boring time of the year unless I'm out shoveling snow lol. Have a good year ,and nice meet anyone !