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  • 7/5/12


Hi. My name is Sami.
I have an important message. Inbox me if you get it.
I never knew that carrots, turtles, mirrors, cats, and Ireland would be so important to me.

I love One Direction so much. I could go on and on about them.
In all of my conversations, I dont even think about it, I just put something out there about them.
If you want to talk about them, just inbox me.

I honestly cannot do any alpha patterns. I always mess up on them. It sucks, because I used to be able to do them. If you have any advice, please inbox me.

If you want to talk about anything at all, just inbox me. Im on here alot, so yah!

If you are a YouTuber, look up DFizzy, ConnorFranta, Our2ndLife, TouchTheSkyFilms, superkian13, kiansam13, Cool Collab Bro