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  • 6/1/12


Hi All!

My name is Valeska and I'm from the Netherlands.
When I was a kid, I was captivated by bracelet making already. Now, 20 years later, I rediscovered it. So far I've no intentions to sell my bracelets, but I give them away or trade them for other homemade stuff. I do this for fun and to relax. Every spare minute I have besides studying, hockey, meet friends and play my guitar I spend on bracelet making. I recently adopted a kitten so making bracelets is an extra challenge now!

I'm on this site pretty much every day to check the forum and look for new patterns for on my to-do-list. I don't take pics of everything I make simply cause I'm too lazy to do that.

I'm always happy to help people out, just PM me if you like. If you want to send a random one to just chat will be appreciated too :D