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WHATS UP!!!my name is Autumn, i'm 19 and I live in Lake City Florida, and i'm pleased to meet you. ;)

1.My favorite movies are the Hunger Games, Avatar, and Hercules (it may be old but i still adore it)

2.I was about 8 when I did my first bracelet which was the chinese staircase,chevron and diagnal

3.I will admit I love zombies and I love all the movies of Resident Evil

4.I also enjoy Zelda (Twilight Princess) Link ,he is my favorite

5.I enjoy Alpha patterns more than Normal patterns because Alphas seem easier to read

6.I love to sit outside on my porch making bracelets in my spare time

7.In my family I am known for making people smile when they are feeling down

8.I enjoy being outside, and being active

9.I love animals some of my favorites are the wolf, turtle, bear, fox, squirrel, owl, and weiner dog

10.My favorite foods are pasta, granny smith apples, bagels, and sour gummies

11.One of my goals is to become a moderator for this site,i'm on litterally all day and i'm really good at making bracelets (mainly alphas)but I still enjoy normal patterns

12.I would post more pictures but my phone doesnt take the best photos and im saving up money to get a camera

13.Well thats really it about me other than that i'm just a bracelet loving goof ball....

Like I said i'm on all day so if you have any questions just p.m. me and i'll sure enough answer the next 5 minuetes

oh and if you can by any chance help me about being a moderator please p.m. me!!!!