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  • 7/14/11


Hello my name is Jeanean but all my nieces and nephews call me "Neanie". I am 36 years old (I know a bit old for knotting). I just had a baby boy in March 2011 so I am now a stay at home mom. I also take care of my elderly parents and my 17 year old niece - which leads me to the story of how I got back into knotting. My niece got in trouble at the beginning of the summer and she has been grounded for two months. I taught her how to do the basic candy stripe bracelet and she started doing them during her grounding and so I started googling friendship bracelets and well here I am..

I started making friendship bracelets when I was in middle school sometime in the 90's LOL.. Took a long break due to growing up and working non-stop. But now that I stay at home I have time to do crafts.

I also work online building themes for the andriod phones. You can see my work by searching FlaGirl on the android market.