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  • 12/29/09


HELLO PEOPLE of friendship braclets.net! I am Synchrogirl8 and i love this website! i love to make friendship braclets in my spare time. so basicly when i am not swimming or at school or with friends! wait make that just school and swimming i make them with my friends! :) i have a youtube acount wair i make friendship braclets. it is Synchrogirl8. i have lots of fun making videos for people to learn about braclet making. go cheek it out i will show you how to make friendship braclets like the ying yang and more. oh and feel free to sub! i am curently working on a puzle braclet! it looks so cool! i will post a pic of it hear when i am done! ok well got 2 go have a wonderfull time on this site and get to making braclets! oh and feel free to email me or message me on this site! i love reading ur emails and talking to you! :)
ok byez!