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Saint.. =D Mwuahahhaaaa ~twin2

I'm Gretchen!
By the way, "saint" is just another way to say Christian... I just felt I needed to clarify that.
Jesus loves you, darling! Whatever your going through, He is here for you - just call on Him.

JESUS SAVES - Do you know where your spending your eternity?


Hey there friend! Finally I get to write on your profile! Mauhahaha! Jesus loves you ~TiePie or Cpanda xDD


Hey there Twin!! ;D LOL, I couldn't resist!! I had to leave a little something. :D So, ehh... Hi:D Haha!
~1 Cor. 2:9~
~John 6:27~
~Acts 4:12~
Good verses!! ^.^ (As they all are!! ;))
Hey it's your Twin again!!! =DD Looks like someone forgot to log out of their fb.net account. =3 So anyways, I accidentally liked a pattern.... your welcome!! xD It's a cool looking one. ^.^ Saint! Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint!!... Whooooo!!! Yah... Woot! xP BYEEE!!!
So you forgot to log out, AGAIN!!! Is this going to become a habit? Shameful. =3


I love the idea of a good riddle! Message me if you know the correct answer, and I'll put you on my little ol' page. (Credit to Katie_Kat)

"If 1 = 5, 2 = 25, 3 = 125, 4 = 3125, 5 = ?"

- SpecialK