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  • 9/27/10


hi! I'm chikichimp!

I like all kinds of arts and crafts and generaly being creative :)
I'm random
I like to laugh
I love nature
I like putting beads on my bracelets
I like fruit and cheese
I like to laugh
I hate the smell of coffee
I don't like people who think that they are better than others
I like swimming and everything water related ><>
I love sun and snow
I like ice skating
I live in a house with horses behind my backgarden yay!!!
I love animals, especially HORSES! ... and robins and squirrels and puppies!
I've got a baby budgie, Cookie nd hes the sweetest budgie ever!<3
I like cooking
I always dreamed of going to and living in Tahiti
I like planting sunflowers and watching them grow - i want to be a gardener when im older
Now i dont mind washing dishes that much
I hate when birds poo on my trampoline (they wouldn't if the trampoline would stand away from the tree, but i can't be bothered to move it:P)
I like the series of 'Ultimate survival' and watched them everyday until they took away our Discovery Channel

...yes :S