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I'm Now going to start donating 10% of all purchases to help raise awareness for sickle cell anemia, and other blood related diseases that affect children. I'm currently going through a hospital visit, and i made friendship bracelets, and gave them to a few of the kids here with me and saw how much hope it gives them. all proceeds will go to funds that raise awareness for childhood diseases such as St. Jude, and other hospitals. :) to see a smile on another childs face makes me get better all the time. how about you? :)

Now Recieve a FREE GIFT with every purchase !
If you buy four seperate items, recieve a FREE RANDOM charm for a bracelet ! :D

TAKE 20% off your first purchase from my store ! PM me about it !! :D
that is my new store !! :D im very excited about it, and sometimes i have discounts, so ask me about it ! :)
if there is a pattern on her that you would like me to make for you, please PM me and i will make it for you, and sell it to you through my store. thanks :D