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Hi! I am 21 years old and I've been making bracelets for maybe 8 years now. I usually just do requests for friends and sometimes I'll get other requests through word of mouth which is really awesome. My favorite types of bracelets to do are bands and band logos, floral prints, Pokemon, harry potter, tv shows (I'm an avid Netflix watcher), and movies. I make a lot of my own patterns but I usually don't ever upload them on here; maybe I should start!

I think the first time I really found making these was worthwhile was when I was eating breakfast at some random diner and the waitress looked at my boyfriend's wrist and shouted, "Oh my goodness! Pandas! Where did you buy that bracelet, I need it!" My boyfriend replied, "Actually she (pointing to me) made it." She then proceeded to ask me desperately if I would make her one and handed me $10. I was shocked! A few days later I came back and gave it to her and she was incredibly happy and the experience made me feel like I'm actually good at something :)