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  • 7/27/10


Hello everyone! This is Aliyah :)

Im in 7th grade & I love making friendship bracelets and being soooo creative. I like drawing, but I'm not really good at it. Just a little bit, but improving!
I play bass clarinet in band and love it. I like everyone being happy and stuff :B
I've been tying bracelet for about a year now and consider myself an amateur. Not really up to expert yet, but working VERY hard on it. I can't really get on this website everyday, because Im REALLY busy with school (Im in all upper-leveled classes--Pre AP--)
I love animals! And Im a really outgoing person.
Love to meet new people and make new friends. Im very friendly u-u
And love kawaii things!!!

Bye everyone!
P.S: Be happy and have a big heart!
P.P.S: I loveeee Ke$ha!
P.P.P.P.S: I love family and friends. :)