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  • 9/7/15


Hello World! =3

My name is Jenny and I am currently 28 (but feeling much younger than that ^^). My hometown is Muenster, Germany. This means, I am living near the dutch border (Enschede!) where I can get my beloved spekkoek and also great handcrafting things as in my hometown it is quite difficult to get good stuff.

I have been doing a lot of bracelets in my childhood but when I had to move to M?nster it immediately stopped, why ever. Recently I started to knot again but I cannot remember how it happened to be; and I realized that I love it the same I did years ago. My friend taught me the skills which you need to know if you want to make more than stripes and caros :D

My actual project is the Macramee Pouch.

Nice to meet you!