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  • Added by: SayAgain333
  • When: 10 years ago
  • Strings: 22
  • Rows: 40
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Kokopelli. This is usually seen as a symbol of fertility designed by the ancient Hopi Indians of Southwestern America, dating back thousands of years. There are many variations on the story of Kokopelli and it's origination, legends, and lore. Some say the hump on it's back is unborn children to be delivered to a woman's womb. Some say it is full of seeds to be planted in the earth. Or possibly even seeds of consciousness to be implemented into world systems such as ours, through the musical and mathematical tones being played by it's flute*** Kokopelli can also be seen in the stars. It is an enormous constellation encompassing Ursa Major(Big Dipper) and Ursa Minor and Bootes. The only time of year that it rises above the horizon directly upward head first is during the Spring time. Because of this, it is believed that the ancient Hopi Native Americans used this as a sign that it was the time of year again to plant the seeds for that year's harvest. Kokopelli is a giver and protector of life, love, and joy. (: Tune in to the Tone of Love and feel the seeds of Life grow with-in you and with-out You :)

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