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Stefan wrote 15 years ago

It feels like you all have many questions about the technique, maybe I should start a forum? What do you all think? /Stefan, webmaster

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yessika wrote 15 years ago

thank you soo much for making this website =] i have a question for the bracelet with letters. . . how long should the string be?

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Fiona H. wrote 15 years ago

Hi You're web site is GREAT!!! I love your pattern notation and the beginner item and video were well worth looking at. I'm sure my craft group will love it!

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Camilla wrote 15 years ago

Hei igjen. N? har jeg pr?vd omtrent tusen ganger, men f?r ikke til ? f?lge m?nstrene dine. Jeg lager knutene s?nn som det skal, men m?nstrene kommer ikke fram... Jeg har n? sl?sa bort mange meter med tr?d. Jeg syns denne siden er kjempefin, men det er helt elendig at ikke det er beskrevet HVORDAN man skal knyte. Mer detaljerte beskrivelser ville gjort siden mye bedre.

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brenna rubino wrote 15 years ago


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