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Kim wrote 14 years ago

Pattern #949 doesn't work out to look like the picture. It's missing several steps.

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ron wrote 14 years ago

hi stefan!!!! I love the website!!! I used like 10 of the patterns already, but i was wondering...how do you come up with the patterns that you add on to the website??? i want to design my own patterns to, but i cant think of anything to design, but i am actually trying to make a hellokitty one...but its not working very well

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Luke wrote 14 years ago

Private message.

Noel wrote 14 years ago

Private message.

munskies wrote 14 years ago

well i really like this website it has helped me alot with new patterns and stuff, i think if we had like messages to one another an our friends and stuff it can awesome just a suggestion lol thx though

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