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rotem wrote 12 years ago

hello! i love this site! now i can make any bracelets i want without bothring my friends. but i have one problem. i find it hard to understand the generator. maybe you can make it easyer somehow, explain how to read it. there are beautiful bracelets here and i want to be able to make the haders to. thanks

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ron wrote 12 years ago

ok...thanks steffan, i also needed help with someother things, but i posted them in the forums. is there any tips you can give me on how not to mess up? and also, how to go faster? i go so slow, i have to check off the rows that i did so i dont forget where i am!!!! any tips???

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Malin wrote 12 years ago

Hall?! Grym hemsida. Sitter och g?r ett v?skapsband nu och t?nkte kolla runt p? internet om det fanns n?got grymt m?nster, och tydligen! Ska testa n?gon p? din sida n?r jag k?pt hem mer tr?d! L?ste att du pluggar i ume?,. Det planerar jag sj?lv att g?ra om ett ?r eller tv?. Ha det bra! =)

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Kim wrote 12 years ago

Pattern #949 doesn't work out to look like the picture. It's missing several steps.

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ron wrote 12 years ago

hi stefan!!!! I love the website!!! I used like 10 of the patterns already, but i was wondering...how do you come up with the patterns that you add on to the website??? i want to design my own patterns to, but i cant think of anything to design, but i am actually trying to make a hellokitty one...but its not working very well

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