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alpha generator???? by IrishDancer101 11 years ago

ok, so i was trying the alpha generator and like what r u suposed to type in to make a pattern??

RE: alpha generator???? by KarinaGlamorous 11 years ago

yeah i deff don't get it either!

RE: alpha generator???? by Lovemenot 11 years ago

- is the background color, defaulted at white, you can change this.
B is defaulted Black, this can also be changed.
In the editing box where all the - and b's are. You can add in, for example, C and D, after you hit generate, You will have two new colors to choose. So basically - [hyphen] will represent the background color, and the various other letters, b-z will be any other color of your choosing. Use the hyphens and b-z to design your bracelet. Each character = 1 knot on your bracelet. Also, every line must have the same amount of characters, otherwise the generator will throw an error. I hope this helps you some. Basically just mess around with it and soon enough you will figure it out. :) Feel free to PM me if you need any other assistance.

RE: alpha generator???? by NicosUptownGirl 5 years ago

i don't get the alpha generator either i've now had my account on here for a few days and i've made two patterns both of which have been rejected i'm not the world's best drawer so what am i doing wrong with the generator and how do i actually work the generator i'm so confused

RE: alpha generator???? by Sammoning (moderator) 5 years ago

Hi Nico,

I agree this generator can get a little frustrating to use! The reason your patterns were rejected has nothing to do with the generator though, we are a little more selective here. So a pattern can be rejected because of simplicity,being too similar to something existing, being too personal etc. You are always free to use the patterns for yourself ofcourse, you can still find them back on your own page under the 'pending' tab.

RE: alpha generator???? by NicosUptownGirl 5 years ago

thanks that's really helpful lol nico is my husband's nickname his name is nicky i just use his nickname in my own my name is neave :)


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