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New Alpha Pattern - #A73856 by JMannino 11 days ago

Hi All,

I've created a new Alpha Pattern, which I am keen to share. It was created 5 days ago and is still in a pending state. Do admin post these when the have been approved? Or is this something I can do? The keywords and pattern numbers don't show up in a normal search.


RE : New Alpha Pattern - #A73856 by kleinevos (moderator) 10 days ago

It’s accepted now. It takes a lot of time to check every pending pattern, so 5 days pending is quite normal. We only have volunteer moderators, who also have their own lifes besides being a moderator here :-)

RE : New Alpha Pattern - #A73856 by halokiwi 10 days ago

I have a similar question. I hope you don't mind me asking about it on your forum post.

I assume there is no way the moderators could actually forget about patterns that are in review, but is there a certain amount of time after which we should get "worried" and maybe remind them?

RE : New Alpha Pattern - #A73856 by JMannino 10 days ago

Thanks kleinevos,

I wasn't sure of how it works as this is my first pattern, so wasn't meant as a dig or anything. I was aware that moderators were volunteers, so a huge thank you for maintaining and giving your time to the site.

Many thanks

RE : New Alpha Pattern - #A73856 by Celicia (moderator) 10 days ago

As you rightly say @halokiwi, there is no way for moderators to forget about pending patterns. You do not need to worry or notify us, we just ask for your patience since, as you know, we are volunteers with a personal life and we try to maintain the site with the time that we can dedicate according to the moment of our life. :-)


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