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How do I find... by craft_a_lotte last month

I'm new in this knotting/braiding world, so these questions has probably been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answers.
1. How do I find patterns for flat braided kumihimo?
2. How come you can fav a normal pattern, but not a kumihimo pattern?
Thank you so very much for helping me out!

RE : How do I find... by halokiwi last month

1) there are no flat braid kumihimo patterns on this website, but I'm sure you'll be able to find many in other places
2) I don't know why you can't love kumihimos, but I just copy and paste the link to my profile to have the kumihimos I like collected somewhere

RE : How do I find... by kleinevos (moderator) last month

We have a tutorial for flat braids here. You can find a few patterns in that tutorial. Also have a look at the added pictures, several of these have the pattern and color order mentioned in the comments, especially some of the older pictures. We don’t have a generator for flat braids, only for the round kongoh gumi, because that’s a pretty easy pattern to make a generator for. There are so many different ways for making flat braids, or other shapes of kumihimo braids, that it would be a lot of work to make that all fit in a generator, I suppose. That’s also not really what our site was intended for in the beginning. Our site was meant for knotted bracelets, the kumihimos are added later on. So that’s also why there’s (still) no favorite button for them, unfortunately.
We also have a few tutorials for other shapes of kumihimo btw.

RE : How do I find... by craft_a_lotte last month

Halokiwi and kleinevos;
Thank you for replying. That answers my questions and is a great help.


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