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Finding my favs by Phoenix69 22 days ago

Help! I have favorited several patterns but I can't find where I can view the list.

RE : Finding my favs by kleinevos (moderator) 22 days ago

You can find them on your profile page, on the left.

RE : Finding my favs by halokiwi 21 days ago

You first need to click on "profile" on the right of the bar on top. Then you need to click on "favorite patterns" in "stats" which is on the left side of your profile beneath your profile picture.

Alternatively here is the link to your favorite patterns:

RE : Finding my favs by TuristCrft 7 days ago

I posted a new pattern to aprouval. 5 days after I dont have any answer... Its normal??

RE : Finding my favs by halokiwi 6 days ago

That's pretty normal :) sometimes patterns are reviewed very fast, sometimes they take longer. I think it depends on how difficult it is to review and how much free time the mods have. I'm not sure what the average review time would be, but 5 days is definitely somewhere in the middle.

RE : Finding my favs by kleinevos (moderator) 6 days ago

@TuristCrft: Can you give me the pattern number? I don’t see a pending pattern on your username.

RE : Finding my favs by Celicia (moderator) 6 days ago

Hello TuristCrft! Your pattern was rejected about three days ago because it is a name. We do not accept patterns of names, words, numbers unless it is the complete alphabet or the numbers from 0 to 9 and we do not have any with a similar font or the font is not very simple. However you can see your rejected patterns in your profile in the "pending" folder.
In response to your question about the time it takes to check the patterns, this can be from 24 hours onwards, it can even take a month or more depending on the pattern difficulty and the time that the moderators can have to review them since, in addition to being a small and honorary group, we all work and/or study and we have our families and activities so we do it in our free time. In any case, we always try to do it in the shortest possible time.


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