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Unicorn pattern by wildrose9 15 days ago

Hi I can't find any 10 string 5 color normal pattern can someone help?

5 colors 10 strings search for patterns by Skyblue111 15 days ago


RE : Unicorn pattern by kleinevos (moderator) 14 days ago

Just type the number of strings and the number of colors in the search boxes on the normal pattern page. We have 699 patterns with 10 strings and 5 colors.

RE : Unicorn pattern by halokiwi 14 days ago

There might not be unicorn patterns with 10 strings and 5 colours, but there are unicorn patterns with different amounts of strings and colours:

I especially like the patterns 94354 and 93553. They both have 14 strings and 3 colours.

Is there a reason you want this exact amount of strings and colours? Do you have a specific look in mind?

RE : Unicorn pattern by wildrose9 10 days ago


RE : Unicorn pattern by wildrose9 10 days ago

I can't work with more than that

RE : Unicorn pattern by halokiwi 10 days ago

Based on that would it be alright for you, if the pattern has less colours?

Did I understand that correctly, you want a pattern with a unicorn on it? The unicorn is only mentioned in the title, so I was not really sure about it?

RE : Unicorn pattern by halokiwi 10 days ago

Is the reason why you can't work with more than 10 strings that you need practice or is there another reason that makes you unable to?

If it's "just" practice, I recommend to just try to knot one of the 14 strings patterns. 14 is not that much more than 10 and it would be a good practice.

RE : Unicorn pattern by halokiwi 10 days ago

Would something like this work for you or would there need to be an actual unicorn on it?

This pattern most likely won't be accepted. I just created it to shown you an option.

I know it's 6 colours, but I wanted to include colours and I think 6 colours look nice in this one. Can be knotted with less colours too of course.

RE : Unicorn pattern by halokiwi 10 days ago

10 strings and 3 colours. I think this is my best attempt and I won't be able to do any better :) I'm going to stop now.


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