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How to store bracelets? by isisvangorp98 18 days ago

Hi everyone! Perhaps this question had been asked and answered already but I couldn't find an answer to what I'm looking for!

After years and years of making bracelets I've collected a quite large amount of bracelets. So far I've kept them in a shoebox. I find it difficult to navigate them when all bracelets are on top of each other. So I've been wondering what other bracelet makers use to store or dislay the bracelets? I'd love to hear some tips and ideas! :)

RE : How to store bracelets? by Massalinie 15 days ago

You can buy or make things like this

I don't have very many yet because I just started again for the first time in years, but I plan to do something like they do in the shops. Check this pinterest link for a bunch of ideas.

RE : How to store bracelets? by swanchita 15 days ago

In South America sellers usualy wrap them around cardstock or round cardstock, f.i. Kitchenpaper rolls. Which I find is a good and cheap alternative, if you you just want to have them more organized as they now are.


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