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looking for a pattern by bouh 27 days ago

Hello, I am looking for a bracelet pattern, and i can't find it, i already see it 2 times on instagram and i asked but nobody answer me, pls help me :)

RE : looking for a pattern by halokiwi 27 days ago

Not sure if it is on here but this pattern should be easy to freestyle without having the pattern.

If I did not miscount you need 14 strings: 1 brown, 1 orange, 6 white, 6 black

It is kind of similar to this pattern https://friendship-bracelets.net/patterns/43158

The strings of colour i would be the orange and brown string and each knot you do with those strings is the opposite of the knot in the pattern. I hope that makes sense.

RE : looking for a pattern by kleinevos (moderator) 26 days ago

It’s #88500

RE : looking for a pattern by halokiwi 26 days ago

I was confused why I didn't find it because I went through all 14 string patterns with 28 rows.

There seems to be a little "mistake" in pattern #88500 (not sure if intentional or not). If you want it to be exactly like in the photo row 26 has to be replaced by 3 rows with the following knotting structure:

Hope I did not make a mistake. But you can also knot it like in the pattern. The difference in appearance will be really small.

RE : looking for a pattern by bouh 26 days ago

wow thank you so @halokiwi and @kleinevos you are the best :)


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