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anyone wanna be online friends?? by Gin Ibushi 9 days ago

k so I'm just gonna do a quick intro of myself after I get past the basics:

so I've really been wanting some more online friends, which can be a bit difficult considering I'm not on discord, and I'd especially like some friends from here as we could exchange patterns, ideas and such. (I'm aware of when this account was made, I lost the info to my old acc :)) My contact methods are: pms on this site,tiktok dms, imessage, and google hangouts, however I would prefer to start out getting to know each other on here.

anyways, onto introduction:

my name is ella, and I use she/her pronouns, and I'm 14 in a few days. I'm a cosplayer, and while I do strongly enjoy anime and manga, my true favorites are visual novels!! i am also a huge fan of genshin impact. My current highest kins are Gin Ibushi, Mahiru Koizumi, and Mitsuba Souskue, if any of you are also kinnies.

I need friends to be between 12-15, and would prefer if we had some similar interests, but that isn't required :)

RE : anyone wanna be online friends?? by Gin Ibushi 9 days ago


RE : anyone wanna be online friends?? by sincerelysakura 9 days ago

uhm sorry- this is my actual account lol


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