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Craft Idea! by Scootercat 5 days ago

Has anyone ever thought about getting like the face of a watch or Apple Watch and somehow making it a bracelet?! I feel like I need to try this. What patterns should I try it with

RE : Craft Idea! by Celicia 5 days ago

You mean swapping your watch strap for a friendship bracelet? If so, there are several examples here and on Instagram like https: //friendship-bracelets.net/gallery/55839, https: //friendship-bracelets.net/gallery/ 105261, https: //friendship-bracelets.net/gallery/105260, https://friendship-bracelets.net/gallery/105259 (there are more but I did not find them).
Any pattern that you like and whose width is the same as the strap you want to replace would be the best and easiest.


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