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The three question marks by charmed3p 11 days ago

Hi, I make since years friendship-bracelets. But I've never designed by myself a new pattern.
Now I'm looking for a special pattern. But I can't do it with the pattern designer.
Maybe can someone help me.

The base color should be black, and then I want three question marks side by side. The first one in white, the second in red and the third in blue.

Thank you in advance.

RE : The three question marks by halokiwi 11 days ago

Oh, is this for "the three investigators"? I love listening to the audio books. :D

Are you looking for a normal or alpha pattern?

Here is a normal pattern that has one questionmark: #104728 (I hope this link works.)

There's a technique where you can make colour switches in normal bracelets the same way you would in alphas. This way you could do three questionmarks in different colours.

If you want an alpha pattern I'm sure there is a font pattern somewhere that you can use the question mark from :)

RE : The three question marks by charmed3p 9 days ago

Hey halokiwi,

thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, it is for the "the three investigators". :-)
The link works - but I have a question about this pattern.
And yes, I am looking for a normal pattern. I can't do alpha pattern. I have never done that.
How can I make the question marks in three different colours?
Do I need more Strings? Or can I change existing Strings from blue in white and red?
And when yes, which?

RE : The three question marks by Anyblia 9 days ago

Here's another question mark pattern you may like: #26166
To have them in several colours, you'll need to switch your strings midway.
Masha knots explains it quite way here :)
Hope this helps!

RE : The three question marks by halokiwi 6 days ago

My two patterns got accepted: #106081 and #106082
If any moderator sees this I'm curious to know why 106082 was accepted. I originally didn't want to submit it because I was sure it would be declined for being too simple because it's a simple candy stripe with only minor changes. I decided to submit it anyways because I wanted to give charmed3p the ability to post a picture to it. I sometimes find it hard to figure out which kinds of patterns are acceptable and which aren't.

RE : The three question marks by Anyblia 6 days ago

It got accepted as it's not "just" a candystripe. The pattern is simple, but the way you made the question marks is clever and didn't exist on our website before.
Most question mark patterns were 1212 patterns, which are rarely knotted, and having a "regular" one seemed to be a good thing ;)

The patterns we reject for being "too simple" have nothing more than diamonds / lines or chevrons, most of the time.

RE : The three question marks by halokiwi 6 days ago

Thank you so much for explaining :D I think now I understand better.


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