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Pink Floyd Charm Bracelet by Linzbutterfly 10 months ago

I kept seeing a Dark Side of the Moon prism bracelet with a triangle charm. It only has single strings tied to the charm with no knotting and I’m determined I can make something cooler. After a month of waiting my triangle charms arrived! I don’t know how to post a pic for the example but there are 6 colors in rainbow order tied to one side of the charm and one white on the other side. I like that the strings are thin but a string tied to a charm isn’t particularly exciting. I was thinking I could do thin Chinese staircases and would like to use a clasp, or a vertical stripe for the rainbow and solid candy stripe on the other. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I’m excited to test some ideas out.
What is the fewest amount of strings you would use for a solid candy stripe or a Chinese staircase? What would you try? I’ve never used charms before but I don’t want it hanging off the bracelet but rather the center holding the two sides together.


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