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Deformed alpha bracelet by Forest Spirit yesterday

Hi, I have a problem with my alpha bracelets : The pattern ends up being bigger on the length/heingt and smaller on the width, because obviously the knots arent perfect squares. I don't know how to solve my problem, is it a poor thread quality issue ? Or maybe its not tied enough ? (I cant tie them more tho) The only thing I could think of is doubling the number of string and doing 2 knots next to each other, but people dont seem to do this and their alphas look good... So idk, if someone knows how to solve my problem, please reply !

RE : Deformed alpha bracelet by kleinevos yesterday

I think it’s just a matter of practicing on your tension. And maybe you need to push your rows closer to each other.
But I can’t be sure if that’s your problem if I can’t see it. Can you show a picture? (With BBCode)


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