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Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by kleinevos 5 months ago

Here's your challenge for this month to hopefully inspire you to post many beautiful pics of many beautiful bracelets!

This is just for fun, but also for a few other reasons - what if you don't know what to knot? Take a peek here, see if there's anything you like! And some gorgeous patterns go unnoticed on the site, so why not try to make them a little more noticeable? And thirdly because, well, why not!


Beginners - less than 15 strings

#104401 13 strings

#94622 14 strings

Advanced - 15 to 25 strings

#92995 24 strings

Extreme - 25 strings +

#92093 25 strings


Beginners - 2 colors


Advanced - 3 to 4 colors


Extreme - 5 or more colors



Beginners - up to 16 strings

K2162 8 strings

Advanced - More than 16 strings

K10723 36 strings


To view these simply click on the link and hopefully I've not managed to mess up the BBCode and it should take you straight to the pattern.

Everyone has the entire month to make one or more of these patterns, how many you make is completely up to you guys. You can make just one or all of them, it's up to you.

Photos of the completed patterns would be awesome, if you can't upload them then that's ok too. Photos can be uploaded any time, or you can wait for the month to pass, it really is up to you guys. I'm not going to be using a deadline on photos being uploaded so if, for example, you go over the month target time, it doesn't matter. You can still upload photo's. Or if you finish it in an hour, you can also upload a photo. If you want to leave a note here to say that you've done that, please feel free!

If you don't or can't make it by the next challenge it doesn't matter....there's no prizes for being the first to finish it, it's all for fun! :-) Sometimes it's just nice to not have to make a decision about what to knot, y'know? ;)

You can knot/braid the patterns in the original colors, or not. You can modify the pattern, or not. You can use the pattern to make a bracelet, a necklace, or whatever. It's all up to you!

Happy knotting!

RE : Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by Tayrex 5 months ago

Will you change the colors to the winning bracelet like you have done in the past?

RE : Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by kleinevos 5 months ago

No, we don’t have winners in the Monthly Challenges.

RE : Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by kleinevos 5 months ago

So far I made these for this challenge:

RE : Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by Beverlove5683 4 months ago

So you have to make the patterns you chose and chose?

RE : Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by kleinevos 4 months ago

You can make the patterns that are suggested. Just for fun, hoping that more people will be working on the same pattern, and so that you don’t have to choose yourself.

RE : Monthly Challenge #45 - August 2020 by Beverlove5683 4 months ago

Ok thank you I will start one today :)


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