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Citing generator? by alicat5678 23 days ago

My pattern was rejected, but I want to post it elsewhere (like Pinterest), as I haven't seen any other book-themed patterns that would not be super thick. Is that allowed, and if so, is there a way to cite the generator? I would be posting the screenshot of my pattern in the generator, as well as a diamond-based picture I made of it in a spreadsheet (based on the pictures above published patterns on this site). Should I just say "Generated on friendship-bracelets.net"?

RE : Citing generator? by kleinevos 22 days ago

It’s your pattern,( as long as it wasn’t a copy ofcourse) so you can post it wherever you like. You don’t have to credit our site if the patterns are originally yours. You can mention that you made it on our generator, if you like :-)

RE : Citing generator? by alicat5678 22 days ago



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