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Am I doing it right? by Casey897 15 days ago

I'm trying to make this bracelet and I'm not very experienced yet. I have the first several rows done and the knots look a little too spread out to me. Does this look normal for a good bracelet or am I doing something wrong?

Also, any tips for keeping the strings from constantly sticking and tangling up with each other? I probably cut them too long from precaution but they are driving me crazy.

RE : Am I doing it right? by Casey897 15 days ago

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RE : Am I doing it right? by Casey897 15 days ago



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RE : Am I doing it right? by Dai 15 days ago

Hello! You're doing great! Try making your knots (especially the first half) a little bit tighter, by pulling up with the string making the knot and down with the other string. That way your knots will be closer to each other. Pay attention to the first half of the knot, because it's what mainly determines the "position" of the knot.

About the strings tangling with each other, yeah, it happens :P depends on where you're knotting but try spreading them wider and every time you finish a knot put the used strings out of the way so that the next strings will have less chance to tangle with those. Also, for a bracelet with that width, 1.3 to 1.5m per string should be more than enough :)

Hope it helps!


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