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Rejected Pattern Confusion by latefines 2 months ago

All right, just to be clear, I am aware that patterns get rejected and there are reasons why. But is there any way to despute a decision? I ask because the rejection I got directed me to another pattern, which I assume was meant to be a sign that it was too similar.

The pattern I submitted was the Horde logo from She-Ra.

The pattern I was directed to was the Horde logo from Warcraft.

I understand that they are both called "the Horde" but the are not the same thing. The logo isn't the same. It's not even similar. So is the pattern being rejected based on the keywords? If that's the case, I don't even know how I'm supposed to fix that problem. Sometimes things have the same words in them. That's how people will search for it.

And if that's not why it's being rejected, why direct me to a random pattern that has nothing to do with the one I submitted apart from a similar name?

RE : Rejected Pattern Confusion by kleinevos 2 months ago

We don’t discuss rejected patterns in public. You can always send one of the moderators a PM though, or post a private message in the guestbook. In this case I’ll uncheck the pattern. We don’t always have knowledge about these things. It helps if the keywords you add before submitting the pattern are good enough for us to understand what the pattern stands for.


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