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Pending patters by zoeyllm 2 months ago

Hi, I was wondering how long it normally takes for patterns to get approved. I have a pattern that has been pending for a few days, and I am wondering if this is normal. Thanks.

RE : Pending patters by kleinevos 2 months ago

There are already some questions about that in the forum :-)
We used to be able to check patterns within a few days, longer for kumihimos. But lately we have had much more patterns coming in, and we are also improving the site. So we are very busy, and we have a small moderator team. That means it can sometimes take several weeks before a pattern is accepted, or rejected. Some patterns need more discussion than others too.
We try to speed up a little though! But we are still all volunteers, we also have our own lifes :-)

RE : Pending patters by zoeyllm 2 months ago

Ok, thanks! That makes sense!


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