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PLS HELP - Making pattern by emmakmoore16 3 months ago

Hello, my boyfriend really wants a bracelet and I wanted to make one with our initials (E and J) but I also wanted there to be a pattern. Does anyone know how I could do this or where I could learn how to do this? I have never generated a pattern before so I have zero clue as to what I'm doing!

Thanks so much!

RE : PLS HELP - Making pattern by kleinevos 3 months ago

We have patterns with the alphabet. You can take the letters you need from there.

RE : PLS HELP - Making pattern by zoeyllm 2 months ago

Like kleinevos said, you can take the letters you need from an alphabet pattern. It may not be implemented in this site, but on the other bracelet sites I am on, they do not accept patterns that are just words as they can be created with alphabet patterns. As long as the font you want to use is not complicated, you could probably make the bracelet without a pattern.

RE : PLS HELP - Making pattern by Celicia 2 months ago

Just for clarification: We do not accept letter / word / name / number patterns (it is inside the TOU and FAQ and also in the instructions of the alpha generator), that is why we suggest that users publish the complete alphabet so that each user can select the symbol he/she needs. By the keywords "alphabet" or "letter" you can find different fonts.


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