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help by clofty 7 months ago

im trying to generate an aboriginal flag pattern which is a red and black horizontal stripes with a yellow sun in the middle

RE : help by halokiwi 7 months ago

Basically what you want to do is do a bracelet where one half is red, the other half is black. That can be easily done. It doesn't even really matter what knots you do. You just Need bf or fb knots in the middle so each Colour stays on ist side.

For the sun you add a yellow string on each side (you can do more yellow if you want. That depends on how big your bracelet is in general). You "hide" that string under the red and black string. In the middle you let the two yellow strings form a square to make the sun.

I can write it for you if you want to

RE : help by zoeyllm 4 months ago

You can do what @halokiwi said or you could also do an alpha.

RE : help by Knotting Sailor last month

Did you end up creating it? I went looking for one, but couldn't find one, so I created one and submitted it. The first attempt was rejected, the second is pending. Would love to know if there is one already?

RE : help by Lolita6669 13 days ago

Constant error on any pattern "Error: This generator only accepts repeating patterns. Please make sure that the botton string color order is equal to the top string color order before you save." Why?? :cc I have a well-built pattern...

RE : help by Celicia 12 days ago

I just tested the generator and it works fine. Perhaps the colors are very similar but not identical so the generator recognizes them as two different colors. Check if these are the same or put another color and send us a private message so that we can change it later.


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