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Swapping bracelets by Jazzy5252 last month

Hey everybody,
Is there still swaps in this group? I remember a couple years ago we used to do them and was just curious :)

RE: Swapping bracelets by kleinevos last month

We haven?t done swaps in the past years. And I doubt if we can do swaps again. I don?t know how it is in other countries, but where I live rules changed since this year. We now have to mail everything that is not a letter, postcard or documents as a parcel if it is international. For me, that means every bracelet I mail out to a foreign country will cost me at least 10 euro?s.
So that makes hosting another swap close to impossible.....

RE: Swapping bracelets by Celicia last month

For me it is also impossible. From my country the cost is about 13 or 14 euros. Really impossible unfortunately!

RE: Swapping bracelets by Anyblia last month

But do not lose hope, miracles and surprises happen O:)

RE: Swapping bracelets by Hulme last month

If I had a PO box I'd totally host a US swap (sorry international friends, but I know you don't want to spend so much on postage). Unfortunatley, to rent a post office box, it would cost me $85 for a the minimum of a 6 month rental D: I don't think many people appreciate a "GoFundMe" for a PO Box hahaha xD

RE: Swapping bracelets by kleinevos last month

And we have a rule here that only moderators are allowed to host swaps, for safety reasons.....

RE: Swapping bracelets by Hulme last month

Ah, gotcha.

RE: Swapping bracelets by Jazzy5252 28 days ago

I thought that might have been the case. I just miss getting to wear bracelets from all over the world, some of the bracelets I got from swaps are my favourite jewelry pieces! Thanks for all the past swaps you hosted :)

RE: Swapping bracelets by kleinevos 28 days ago

Keep on eye on our website, I just heard there is a chance it will happen again..... ;-)

RE: Swapping bracelets by angelvano 23 days ago

hello, I have had a problem for months, I cannot open generator 3, no grid is visible. (excuse me, from my English, I use the translator being French-speaking)


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