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scorist pattern (hiveswap) by emmaneil 5 months ago

Hi guys! I've been making bracelets on and off for a few years now and wanted to recruit some help with making a bracelet with a normal pattern (alpha patterns usually look a little wacky to me :/) with the scorist design (an offshoot of the scorpio iconography from homestuck, remember that?) here's the page with the design: http://hs.hiveswap.com/ezodiac/truesign.php?TS=Scorist (it's the blue one right at the top -- I was scared of trying to link anything crazy on here hahaha). If anyone more capable than me has some free time and would want to help me out I would really appreciate it! thank youuu

RE: scorist pattern (hiveswap) by EdBlair 5 months ago

I think you will need to use the 1-2-1-2 method for this design, in order to do both the diagonal and vertical lines in the pattern.
Here is the image directly from that website:

RE: scorist pattern (hiveswap) by kleinevos 5 months ago

I have made a pattern. I have turned the image 45 degrees, so you can use this as a grid for a 1212-pattern.


I wish I could post the image here, but apparently Imgur changed something again .....

RE: scorist pattern (hiveswap) by kleinevos 5 months ago

Here then :-)


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