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Why pattern rejected? by Kkorsmo 5 months ago

Hi! I apologize if there's a thread for this somewhere, how do I find out why my pattern was rejected?

Also I apologize, I submitted two that were fairly similar, since the first time I used the generator, I didn't realized "save" was the same as submit, and I was trying to make one row and then save it so I could figure out how to make a double row of the same thing.

However, the double row was rejected, and I'd like to find out why - is it because they were too similar? I wanted the double row to begin with, but figured I'd just leave both since someone might want to make one row also, but only one was accepted. I swear I've seen the same pattern as one row and as a thicker one of the same pattern doubled, but I might be mistaken. Anyway, if that was the problem, and it's a choice between them, I'd really rather have the double row one saved, that's the one I was going to make for myself.

RE: Why pattern rejected? by kleinevos 5 months ago

In our faq number 43 ( https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/faq.php?id=43 ) we have summed up several possible reasons for rejecting patterns.
Please send one of the moderators a PM or post a private message in the guestbook if you have questions. We do not discuss rejected patterns in public.
The only thing I can say here is that the moderators choose which pattern to keep if someone submits several similar patterns.


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