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Protecting your fingers? by Vladimeerkat 3 years ago

Hi guys!

I?m finally back into tying bracelets after another long hiatus and I was running into an issue I?ve had before. When I pull the knots tight, the threads rub against the sides of certain fingers. After a while this REALLY begins to hurt and my skin feels raw for like 2 days afterward which makes it difficult to start any new projects (or finish old ones).

I was wondering, do any of you experience this? What do you do to minimize the pain?
Asking because I?ll be going on a trip Tuesday and will have some VERY long car rides ahead of me. I wanted to make my friend a bracelet to pass the time but it?ll be difficult if my fingers are too raw to make any progress lol

RE: Protecting your fingers? by kleinevos (moderator) 3 years ago

I use tape when needed :-)

RE: Protecting your fingers? by Vladimeerkat 3 years ago

Makes sense! I kind of figured that might be what I?d have to do. Thanks for the answer!

guess i?ll be packing a roll of painters tape in my backpack huhu

RE: Protecting your fingers? by frenchie63 3 years ago

I use tape as well and in the evening I put moisturizing cream to repair the skin and not let it be more and more damaged as I continue my projects ;)

RE: Protecting your fingers? by Can_You_Knot 3 years ago

Use medical cloth tape as regular tape can crack and split. :D
I also used to have this problem, but then changed how I was tying. Instead, tie the first half of knots tighter, but not extremely tight. For the second half, tie them so that the knot is secure but don't pull completely tight. This helped me keep bracelets looking "fuller" yet have secure knots.

Also, depending on the strings used, you can minimize the skin damage. I had more of your issue with pearl cotton floss..

RE: Protecting your fingers? by JBDess 3 years ago

I've never had this issue, but I've always used 100% cotton strings, maybe that would be better for your fingers?


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