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Help Solving Pattern? by jonah 3 years ago

Its my first pattern, its supposed to be a M for the university of Minnesota, but I can't get the threads in the right spots at the end. I can have as many empty maroon rows as I want at the end before the next M. Any help?


RE: Help Solving Pattern? by frenchie63 3 years ago

Hi! :)
I think that the easiest way to get the design you want is to do a 1-2-1-2 pattern :
At the start, put the strings in this order : yellow-brown-yellow-brown...
Then, all the knots will be forward-backward or backward-forward so that each strings stays at the same place after the row. This means that for each knot, you can choose if you want it to be yellow or brown and leave as much brown as you want at the end.

If you want some examples, go to the pattern library of this site and click "1212 patterns" in the search parameters ;)
Hopefully it will help you, if my explanations are not clear enough tell me (I'm French so it's sometimes a bit hard to explain things in English, especially without using pictures :p )


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