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Bass Strap by Veri 5 years ago

Hey guys!
Long time no see - but besides being busy enjoying my vacations, I've actually been secretly working on some projects ;) Which I'll definitely reveal at some point, I promise! In a moment when the photo taking and uploading process seems less dreadful...

But in the meantime I'll be giving some thought to crafting a bass strap for a friend and I was hoping for some advice from you guys!
I'm aware that I'd be starting a whole bunch of work if I really went through with it, but it seems like a tempting challenge :)
I imagine it would be reasonable to use yarn for the approximately 26-36 string pattern and sew the knotted piece onto leather to make sure it's sturdy enough. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the strap length adjustable? Has anyone already made experiences with leather sewing? Seen a picture of a finished strap? Or any other useful tips which might come in handy?
Thanks in advance for reading my desperate posting :)

RE: Bass Strap by kleinevos (moderator) 5 years ago

Here's one :


He usually uses doubled up floss as far as I know, and I believe he usually takes one meter strings and adds in more after running out. That way you don't have to knot with very long strings.
I would use yarn myself, that should work just fine too :-)

RE: Bass Strap by kleinevos (moderator) 5 years ago

Another one:


It looks to be only adjustable by the leather cord at the end of the strap.
I think it's possible to add a regular belt-clasp to make a more adjustable belt.

RE: Bass Strap by Veri 5 years ago

Thank you kleinevos, these look awesome!
I'll try to prevent awfully long strings - although I detest prolonging strings... But I guess I won't have much choice with such a big project :)
Adding a belt-clasp would be a sensible idea, I'll definitely consider that!


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