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Making bracelets while traveling? by Flexiy 6 years ago

Hi all!
I am currious, do you make bracelets while traveling?

I usaully take my small A5-clipboard or seperate clip with me on the train with an unfinised easy bracelet. And i do regret it if i forget because it is so relaxing to do for my while on the train to or after work. :)

But in the upcomming week i will go on holliday and want to take more strings and my materials with me so i can tie bracelets on holliday. I only have a small suitcase with me so i am thinking about something easy and portable to grab and use if i want to tie.

I am curriuos how you are taking the necessary supplies with you? Anny ideas and can you explain it to me?

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by Allison98 6 years ago

I usually use a safety pin (and do a buckle). That saves room for clip boards. Maybe you should plan ahead of time which patterns and bracelets and strings you want to use during vacation. So rather than bringing all your different yarns/strings, you could have them pre-cut and placed in ziplock bags (have a different bag for each bracelet and pattern. You can print up the pattern and fold it to fit inside the bag as well. :) Hope that helps!

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by Sammoning (moderator) 6 years ago

I always store my work-in-progress and a few supplies in a cardboard box, like this one:

It can be used in a similar way to a clipboard, and stores all the supplies I need on the go :)

I usually set up a few bracelets before I go, that means cutting the strings and knotting a few rows, so I can see how the pattern goes.

It's also possible to use your phone to look at the pattern, that way you coulld still make the more complicated patterns without printing them on paper.

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by Flexiy 6 years ago

Thank you for the wonderfull ideas!

I bought a sturdy large pencase/beatycase to store some treads and materials. And thanks to your advice Allison98 i will zip the diffrent treads for bracelets in ziplock bags :) Makes it way better to organize. Otherwise i will have all the diffrent yarn in one big knot in my new travel pouch and spent my holliday unraveling all the strings instead of making bracelets.

And sammoming i have something like these cute cardboard suitcases, a straw suitcase to store my treads in the livingroomat home.

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by meercatred 6 years ago

I usually add all the stings I want and some safety pins on top of my luggage, sometimes I a separate bag as well

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by EdBlair 6 years ago

Check out the first picture in the tutorial
(( How to... )) An Organized String Kit

It shows a plastic organizer with spaces to put bobbins of embroidery floss. On the one I bought, I cut out one of the dividers to make room to store a pair of scissors (the one in the picture looks like it came that way). There is a lid that snaps shut to keep everything together. This is mainly for storing my string that I am not currently using, but it could easily be taken along so you can start on a new project.
I construct my bracelets by safety pinning them on a hand towel, and using a large Binder clip to secure the towel to my pants, etc. when I work on it. When I am not working on it, the towel gets folded up with the bracelet inside and closed with the binder clip.
I also recommend some long pearl headed pins (hat pins, corsage pins, etc.) to help you take the knots apart to fix any mistakes you find (I have to do this at lest 5-10 times per bracelet). The pins can be stuck into the folded over hem of the towel so they are handy when you are working.

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by G_Y_Purple 6 years ago


I use this to hold my strings. It only has 10 string holders. I jam them up with 2 strings each sometimes. When I made a 20+ bracelet I just pinned/taped it to the seat in front of me.
Hope it helps!!

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by G_Y_Purple 6 years ago

I always spend my weekends unraveling loose string. It calms me but when I hit a tiny knot... it's over ;P

RE: Making bracelets while traveling? by star7 6 years ago

I usually start a few bracelets before I'm going to travel and take photos of the patterns with me. This needs a little bit of planning ahead, but it's worth it.

I usually tie the ends of my bracelet around my left first finger (I am right handed). This works fine for bracelets under 20 and maybe more if you have big hands It might take a little getting used to, but if it works out, it is super practical, because you don't need to carry much with you. If tying it to your finger doesn't work then taping it to something around you works fine too.

Hope this helps.


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