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Selling Bracelets by livlife816 4 years ago

Hey guys, I need help. I am not sure how and what to charge on my bracelets. I know the basics like to charge for cost of material,but am I missing anything. I really want to earn money for a trip with friends and I have had people tell me that I should sell. I will be selling small/medium/large normal bracelets, small/medium/large alphas, and a special order custom alpha motif on a key ring or caribiner, that should include shipping costs to their home.

RE: Selling Bracelets by Neva 4 years ago

Coming from someone who has previously sold friendship bracelets, I would not recommend trying to earn money off of them. The amount of money that you earn from hours and hours of work is very minimal. I know that for me, a medium sized bracelet takes around 4-5 hours to make, and I may only be able to sell it for $5-7. Friendship bracelets can always be found elsewhere for cheaper, so most aren't willing to pay a higher price than the bare minimum.

However, if you'd still like to, I charged 40c for every string that I used, another dollar if it has a fancy loop, and a few extra dollars to make some profit.

I would recommend doing house cleaning for others, dog walking, lawn mowing, something that would pay you better for your time. :) Or, if you're over the age of 16, you can get a job at a fast food restaurant and you would earn more money than you ever would making and selling bracelets.

RE: Selling Bracelets by kleinevos 4 years ago

I fully agree on that.
I sell via Etsy, but the amount of time it takes to knot bracelets, and on top of that the time it takes to list them on Etsy, to mail them out, the money you have to pay Etsy, etc, etc sure doesn't make it worthwhile.....
The thing that keeps me going is that I really like knotting things :-) But earning money with it? No, that's not the case .....

RE: Selling Bracelets by Allison98 4 years ago

I agree. The only reason I'd sell them is because I have way to many that I can't wear them all. But, I actually haven't ever sold any. I'd rather make them as gifts for friends and family. :)

RE: Selling Bracelets by Claires_Hairs 4 years ago

The bracelets I usually make and sell I charge about $14 for (and they're around 30ish strings each with fancy loops and braids). What I find really earns great money is selling at an art fair... especially the one I do every year where they don't even charge my booth! I find that selling online on places like Etsy, it's a lot less likely for someone to buy a bracelet because they can't see it or feel it in person. Although, to be honest, I've always made the most money at art fairs selling stuff that's cheaper and less time consuming to make, like Rainbow Loom bracelets for example. Each one of those takes about a few hours to make, and I charge $4 for them... not to mention that they sell quicker.

RE: Selling Bracelets by SummerOfString 4 years ago

Depends on the complexity and the demand. I make very complex bracelets and I design my own patterns. When I started selling my first bracelet I designed myself (it's a complex DNA bracelet based off the TV show Orphan Black it's a 14 string thick bracelet with 5 alternating colors) I started selling it at $12 by Christmas that year I had so many incomplete orders I had to shut my shop down for 3 months. I eventually raised the price on the advice of an Etsy employee at an event a few years back after being informed that I had drastically underpriced my work for the time it took. I've changed the price of that one bracelet 4 times and it's now $20. Feel free to check out my shop. www.summerofstring.etsy.com and my patreon is where I do monthly patterns for $5 www.patreon.com/summerofstring

RE: Selling Bracelets by Vharvine5 4 years ago

I sold a few bracelets to "acquaintances", not really my friends, but then I realized there is a reason they're called friendship bracelets.
Plus, knowing that I have to do made really not enjoyable at all. Now, I make a bracelet when I want to, and wear it myself or give it to a friend. :)
And hate to burst your bubble, but making bracelets and selling them for money is not really a good idea when people have machines that can make a bracelet in 5 minutes and a handmade one takes 5 hours.
However, that is also the reason I love them. Giving one to a friend shows that you would give time and effort to them too.

RE : Selling Bracelets by Roseinbloom 15 days ago

I sell any that are ten strings or under for three dollars--then again, I'm not really in it for money


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