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help!! please and thanks :-D by usr963 13 years ago

ok so do any of yall have a clue on how long to cut each string for this????? http://www.steffe.se/fb/pattern.php?id=1822
thanks a bunches!!

RE: help!! please and thanks :-D by Cathelijn 13 years ago

I think it should be like a meter long.

RE: help!! please and thanks :-D by Rissa 13 years ago

It always depends on the thread you are using (if it is thin or thick), how long your bracelet should be and if the threads are showing or if they are just there for transporteng the showing knots.

For most thin bracelets with few threads one meter should be more than enough, for more complicated or wider ones you might need longer threads.

RE: help!! please and thanks :-D by jessediamond 13 years ago

A meter is a huge amount. I 50-75 centimeters is enough. This bracelet isn't too thick, so you should be good with 75 cm.

RE: help!! please and thanks :-D by morgian_le_faye 13 years ago

As a general rule, I cut somewhere between the length of my arm from tip of my middle finger to my sternum. Shorter when I feel the threads don't need to be too long. You can always tie threads on if you need more... it takes some getting used to at first, but once you figure it out, they blend in pretty well.

RE: help!! please and thanks :-D by blueyes101 8 years ago

any idea how long i should cut this string? my wrist is 15 cm.

RE: help!! please and thanks :-D by kleinevos (moderator) 8 years ago

This is a tutorial for estimating stringlength.


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